What Makes Designer Handbags Expensive

As there are many bags with various brands, styles, and colors available in the market it is so tuff for a woman to choose a bag as she should check many aspects of the brand, color, and she should be able to prioritize the features that should be available in the bag she is going to choose. And the bags have become very expensive these days due to their different features and the material used to make these bags. Before shopping, you need to know what is the cost of the bad, specification and reliability of bag. In all these available bags designer bags are more expensive for various reasons, the first main reason for a bag to become expensive is that of the brand name let’s take an example as Chanel bags. The best material is used for making a handbag that is by using premium leathers and the zips used by them never stick or never get tarnished.

Chanel bags features are unique some of them are:

  • The colors used to make these bags are attractive and shiny which gives a completely smooth and good look.
  • There is secrete zipper compartment in the front flap, because of this there was a rumor that Chanel bags are comfortable for girls to hide their big secrets.
  • Chanel is very clear about women necessities about being hands-free hence they have designed double chained shoulder strap.
  • These bags have a lock in front called mademoiselle lock and also some locks are in shape of cc logo which is called classic flaps.

Recently they have introduced Chanel xxl flap bag which is similar to classic flap bag with more storage this bag was released in the year of 2017. It is a rectangular bag with a curve which is different from other bags. The diamond quilting is very obvious with an interwoven chain which gives feminine look to the bag.